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WoodWatch is the first wooden watches brand of the Benelux. Our passion is to design unique watches that customers from all over the world enjoy wearing. We deliver a unique experience with our new models and concepts, constantly pushing the boundaries.

From the beginning there has been a great online focus, serving customers via our own shop. For the future the goal is clear: online international expansion and offline entrance of the market, beginning in the Netherlands.

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WoodWatch HQ

Creative headquarters from where we explore the world

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WoodWatch is located in the CIC in Rotterdam, a co-working space which houses hundreds of entrepreneurs. We have our own private office with all the tools you need to be fully functional, but the public spaces are awesome too for some creative sessions!

  • Creative environment? - Check;
  • Game room? - Check;
  • Gym? - Check!!

WoodWatch also has a branch in Groningen, which is the logistic node processing all the orders that are sent to our customers from all over the world.

We believe that working should be fun, and the CIC environment definitely help with that. Moreover it's location is right next to the central station of Rotterdam, and easily accessible by either bike, car or train. Weekly there are inspiring sessions organised by Venture Cafe in the CIC where you can meet new people and we are sure that the complementary lectures will tickle your mind.

Our Team

Young, creative and analytical

The WoodWatch team consists of ten people, headquarters in Rotterdam and logistics in Groningen. We are young, creative and have a strong analytical sense. In the coming years we want to build a big team with talents that will help us to make WoodWatch to an even bigger succes.

A few faces

Some people working at WoodWatch

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Daniel Salimian
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Jeroen Westerbeek
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Kevin van der Veer
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Shelley Nathoenie


WoodWatch HQ In the vibrant Rotterdam & logistics in Groningen

WoodWatch logistics

Kadijk 2, 9747AT, Groningen

WoodWatch HQ

Stationsplein 45
3013 AK Rotterdam

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